IKIA is the Decentralise Ecosystem based on Metaverse, NFT, Mock Trading, Blockchain (Proof of Light) and decentralise wallet.


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One of the reasons why ecommerce companies struggle to create client trust and loyalty is that, unlike street-shopping, a seller and a buyer don't know each other and can't see each other when conducting a transaction. Building client trust and loyalty takes a few transactions, time, and a lot of effort on the part of the organisation.


Increased sales are one method to build a firm, but profitability is what matters most in the end. Online merchants must always look for ways to reduce inventory costs, increase marketing efficiency, lower overhead, lower delivery costs, and reduce order returns.


Some online merchants may suffer growth issues as a result of technology limitations or hiring the wrong partners/agencies to assist them with project management.Retailers who wish to expand must start with a solid technological basis.

Trust system

In most traditional payment systems, transactions are not only dependent on the two parties involved, but also on an intermediary - such as a bank, credit card company, or payment provider. When using blockchain technology, this is no longer necessary because the distributed network of nodes verify the transactions through a process known as mining. For this reason, Blockchain is often referred to as a 'trust less' system.

Optimized Supply Chain Management

It improves the supply chain's overall efficiency. The supply chain may involve several intermediaries, span continents, and entail a massive number of payments and invoices, depending on the size of the organisation and the type of goods.This makes achieving the requisite level of transparency for e-commerce and retail supply chain procedures extremely difficult.

Best-in-class Security

Ikia will provide an opportunity for everyone who's interested in a very real-to-life version of the metaverse. It is quite evident that blockchains are not only meant for financial use cases and in fact, due to their generic nature, they can be used in pretty much every scenario.

It is also worth noticing that the PoE feature, initially offered by the Bitcoin blockchain, has not only enabled the developers and entrepreneurs to create further use cases on this technology, but we can also observe a plethora of consortium chains built on enterprise-grade blockchains.

User Experience Enhancement

A blockchain-based E-commerce system eliminates the need for multiple gateway logins while providing increased security for purchases. It allays customer fears and increases visibility.

API for Everything

Programmatic access to all staking, defi lending and reporting functionality makes integrations easy and seamless.

Strategic planning

The important aspects of cryptocurrency are Trading and Investment. The market is risky but with proper knowledge and timing, we can earn a sufficient amount of money for our investors.

Modular Design Principle

In the MVS implementation process, a hierarchical module-submodule structure was used to reduce the level of coupling between module.


The IKIA token is a decentralized digital asset based on BNB (Binance Coin). BNB, also known as the Binance Coin, is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin that could be traded and is used to pay fees on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

As the industry moves forward with the broader adoption of these assets and their supporting technology, IKIA believes further dialogue between industry participants and regulators will help support the further growth of the markets for the IKIA and the adoption of the technology that supports them.

The capital markets are always innovating as technologies develop and the structure of the markets evolves accordingly. IKIA is a prime example of emerging technologies that may have the ability to offer new and cost-efficient methods of capital formation.

The bull runs for cryptocurrencies have also escalated the popularity of blockchains and it is a decent gesture that governments have started adopting it. It would not only advance their operations but allow several other countries to take the lead as well and utilize the robustness of blockchain technology to provide better solutions for their citizens.

Proof Of Light

All companies and brands that settle in Ikia will be able to provide products to their existing and new customers. Proving the ownership and origin of physical assets has never been easy.

Digital assets create an additional complexity. Because digital assets can be copied and transmitted so easily, it is often virtually impossible to prove their origin or provenance. Luckily, blockchain technology is now providing a practical method of proving the existence, origin and complete derivation of digital assets.

You may have seen a movie or heard a story about a kidnap victim whose family asks for a “proof of life”. The proof is typically a photograph of the victim posed with a current newspaper. The photo proves the person was alive and in the possession of the kidnappers on a certain date.

Blockchain technology is now allowing us to provide similar proofs for the existence of digital assets. The immutable nature of the blockchain — the fact that it is impossible to overwrite time-stamped blockchain ledger entries — allows us to create “proof of existence” entries for digital assets.

Simplistically, such a system works by inserting a cryptographic hash into the blockchain ledger. A cryptographic hash can be thought of as a digital fingerprint for a document. The chance of documents having the same hash is infinitesimally small — there are more possible hash values in a 256-bit hash than there are nanoseconds since the Big Bang! So by placing a cryptographic hash of a document on the blockchain, we have definitive proof that the document existed at the time of the blockchain entry.

Cryptographic proofs are all very well for mathematicians and computer scientists, but would they hold up in a court of law? At the moment, the situation resembles the early days of DNA profiling. Very few people understand the molecular structure of DNA, and similarly, only a relatively small subsection of the community have a deep understanding of cryptographic hashing. Nevertheless, just as the solid scientific basis for DNA profiling eventually led to acceptance of its legal validity, there are early signs that blockchain proofs will one day be accepted as legal proofs.

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‘’Have you ever wanted a ready-player one yourself? Or maybe you believe in the future of the Ikia.
The time has come. Now you can create an ultra-HD scan of yourself and your real-worldz1 assets and move everything into the ikia. ’’

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‘’ IKIA brings to the market scanning and modeling technology that generates ultra-realistic avatars and virtual items to be used across games, VR, social media, and online fashion.’’

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‘’ The tech also allows for the creation of NFTs from real-world works of art and collectibles. We have partnered with the world leader. Their cutting-edge technology was extensively tested and used by big industry names.’’

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‘’We’re merging this powerful tech with a marketplace and a novel token-based ecosystem to offer users, gamers, artists, and entrepreneurs direct access to virtual opportunities of the future.’’

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‘’Next-generation technology coupled with our expertise in building tech startups from the bottom up will make Ikia one of the hottest projects of 2022, and beyond.’’