IKIA is the Decentralise Ecosystem based on Metaverse, NFT, Mock Trading, Blockchain (Proof of Light) and decentralise wallet.


About Us


Features of IKIA in crypto are:

  • The value of the IKIA is collateralized by another cryptocurrency or a cryptocurrency portfolio.The peg is executed on-chain via smart contracts.
  • The supply of the IKIA is regulated on-chain, using smart contracts. The peg is executed on-chain via smart contracts.
  • The price stability is achieved through introduction of supplementary instruments and incentives, not just the collateral.
  • Value Intermediary : We believe that intermediaries will continue play an important role for some time to come. They function as wormholes between the virtual and physical worlds and allow them to communicate since we presently lack a way to quantify critical thinking and value perception in code, let alone in practical application.
  • Micro-inflation Model: This feedback mechanism enables the system to self-adjust and recover and will be upgraded with subsequent versions of Metaverse to be more robust. Our end goal is to realize more intuitive economic models and a more effective economic ecology on the Metaverse platform.
  • Proof of light: Blockchain technology is now allowing us to provide similar proofs for the existence of digital assets. The immutable nature of the blockchain — the fact that it is impossible to overwrite time-stamped blockchain ledger entries — allows us to create “proof of existence” entries for digital assets.Simplistically, such a system works by inserting a cryptographic hash into the blockchain ledger.